About Us

Our Story

There are three us of - two brothers and a friend. And we were always fascinated by watches. A watch is an accessory that is both practical and aesthetic. It's a way for a man to express his own personality. But one question has always bothered us. Why aren't there a watch with premium specifications that would be affordable for everyone? Looking rationally, you'd think that materials and manufacturing costs should be the major contributors to high prices. We have decided to put it to the test. And the results stunned us. The reality for most brands is that the cost of a watch itself is only a fraction of the final price. So what are the main components in the final price?

Our research has shown that it's three things: middlemen, marketing and profit. Middlemen are everyone in between the brand and the buyer - distributors, wholesalers, retailers, logistics companies, etc. Marketing is the secret sauce that makes the buyer want that specific item. However, here lies a paradox. The more company spends on making a person to want their product the higher the final price will be. And funny enough, the buyer will be covering all the costs which arose from making him buy the product in the first place. Sure, marketing is essential piece in today's economics otherwise nobody would know that you exist. But are all marketing costs really necessary? Giant billboards, pricey celebrities, expensive photoshoots and the list goes on... So instead of you getting quality item for reasonable price, you are forced to pay for everything you don't necessarily benefit from. Something had to be done.

Story of SGS brand started in late 2016. That's when we decided that we can cut all the worthless to the end user costs and create a watch that would feature truly premium specifications but at the same time wouldn't be expensive. Our logic was that instead of buying a billboard, we'll include a sapphire crystal without increasing the final price. Everything looked good on paper. It was time to dive deep and find reliable partners whom we could trust. After countless meetings with different experts in watch field, conferences in different parts of the world and factory visits, we were sure that our dream could come true. There was just one missing piece - money.

Again, we could have gone the traditional way and taken a business loan. But that would also increase the final price. So what if we turned to the people and asked them to believe in our vision and make them co-founders of the brand? This idea led us to launching a crowdfunding campaign on 'Kickstarter' platform in April 2017. Our initial funding goal was reached in less than 3 hours and that ensured that our dream will come true. Eventually, the first batch of SGS Eagle was produced and delivered to the backers. But it didn't stop there. From that time we are constantly working on improving our watch. It has already seen a few tweaks and updates.

We continue to chase our vision. Our motto is "quality without compromise". We aren't going anywhere, we are here to stay. So when you wear SGS Eagle, know that in every watch there's a piece of our passion, hardships, sleepless nights and most importantly pride and joy.

Sincerely yours,
Dominykas, Emilis & Gediminas
Founders of SGS Watches