Why SGS Eagle?

SGS brand started in late 2016 when three young people couldn't understand why a watch with premium specifications costs four figures or more. We were passionate watch enthusiasts but the prices in the market didn't make any sense. Why were the companies putting outrageous margins on their products? Are the watches so expensive to manufacture? Or was it about the profit? These questions led us to some answers but also to even more questions.

Ultimately, we realized that majority of the costs arise not from the product itself but rather from various middlemen (distributors, retailers, logistics companies) and marketing (huge billboards, full page magazine ads, expensive photoshoots). When you think about it, these costs don't improve the end product - watch - in any way. And guess who covers all these costs? Yes, it's the buyer, it's YOU!..

Isn't there another way?

Is it truly impossible to get a watch with premium specifications at an affordable price? What if we remove all the middlemen and all unnecessary marketing? These were the questions that didn't let us sleep at night. Step by step we were looking deeper into this matter. We've had numerous meetings with different factories, consulted with many experts and analyzed hundreds of watch brands. And the conclusion was undeniable: it's possible, just it takes effort and time. Now we were on the mission!

The final question was what about the aesthetics of the watch? How should it look like? Somehow that came naturally. All of us were always fascinated by the heroes who risked their lives to save the entire world during World War II. Especially pilots. We felt that if we created WW2 pilot watch inspired watch model that would our way to pay respect to those heroes. Name of the watch? That also came naturally - Eagle. And that's how SGS Eagle was born!

In April 2017 we've launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter platform. More than 400 people backed our project and became founders of SGS brand. That allowed our dream - a watch with truly premium specifications for a fraction of the price - come true. And you won't see us making huge sales or running large discount promotions. We don't have that markups on our watches. But the ability to make this watch as affordable as possible is much more important for us than chasing profit. That's in our motto: quality without compromise.

So let us introduce you our creation - SGS Eagle!

Japanese Movements

This was a tough choice. We had to ensure that the heart of the watch would be as excellent as the watch itself. Finally we opted for two movements:

Automatic Seiko NH35A - praised by watch experts this movement is known for its accuracy and reliability. It features 24 jewels, 21,600 bph frequency, hacking function and 41 hour power reserve. So if you fancy old school mechanical movements, SGS Eagle with Seiko's movement is the right choice for you.

Quartz Miyota 2315 - a simpler and lower maintenance mechanism. It's more accurate and it only requires battery replacement every 2-3 years. In addition, unlike automatic movement, it does not require winding. All this make it cheaper alternative which is reflected in the final price.

Sapphire Crystal

Domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating is what protects SGS Eagle from scratches. We've opted for the best solution on the market which is used in all high-end watches.

It's not some cheap material marketed under a fancy name but rather a material which is only second to diamond on a hardness scale. So if you don't have diamonds around you can be sure that your watch is practically impossible to scratch.

There's nothing more heartbreaking than to see a scratch on the face of the watch. And you'll see it every time when you glance to see what the time is. Luckily, it's not a problem for SGS Eagle.

After decades of usage your SGS Eagle's face will look like it's just out of the box.


Swiss Super-LumiNova® is a #1 solution for luminescence in luxury watch industry. It's non-toxic, doesn't lose its functionality over time and glows up to 8 hours.

Swiss Super-LumiNova® is a photoluminescence solution meaning that pigments first need to be exposed to a light source in order to "charge" themselves so that later they could emit light. Both natural and artificial light sources work.

Pigments are available in different colors. Why have we chosen green color? It's because of how our eyes adapt to changing light. When you are in a bright sunlight and then suddenly go into a dark room, eyes are most sensitive to green color. As you can see, every detail matters.

50M Water Resistance

What's the use of the watch if it cannot get wet? Why would you burden yourself with a watch, which instead of serving you, would ask for a constant care?

Not with SGS Eagle. It has 50M water resistance rating. You can safely do your daily activities and not bother about saving the watch from getting wet.

Know the limits, though. SGS Eagle is a pilot's watch, not diver's. Have you seen an eagle swimming underwater for prolonged period of time? Neither have we!

Genuine Leather Straps

SGS Eagle comes with a genuine Italian leather 5-ring ZULU strap.

ZULU is a one-piece strap and is known for its ergonomic features. Outer layer is tougher and more durable while the inside is softer so that it would feel extremely comfortable on your wrist.

All of our straps are handmade. Applying special oil is a finishing touch. Don't be surprised when for the first couple of times it may dye your wrist. It's because all substances used are natural. But most importantly they are non-toxic and safe.

Our ZULU strap manufacturing method ensures longevity of the strap. After some time they start to look truly vintage.

42mm Case Diameter

While the sizes of genuine WW2 watches range from 32mm to 55mm, SGS Eagle sits in the middle with 42mm.

42mm is considered to be a standard size leaning towards a larger end. It's big enough to look solid on your wrist but at the same time it's small enough to feel comfortable.

Same is with the thickness of the case. It's 12mm thick which is just the right size.

If you are looking for a tiny or a super large watch, SGS Eagle might not be suitable for you. SGS Eagle was designed with respect to classical models. We value heritage and timeless design.

Oversized Crown

A tiny detail which embodies the spirit of SGS Eagle. A true pilot watch should be easily adjustable without a need to take off your gloves. Luckily, unlike WW2 pilots, we aren't in life and death situations everyday.

Doesn't the crown dig into the wrists and make you feel uncomfortable? Not at all! We thought about it and designed SGS Eagle in a way so that it would feel extremely comfortable.

Don't be surprised if one day you get a question in your head: "Did I forget to put my watch today?" just to take a glance and see that SGS Eagle sits on your wrist. It's that comfortable.

Engraved Back Plate

On the back plate of every watch sits a noble creature, a true king of all birds - Eagle. Pilots during WW2 were soaring skies like eagles - gracefully and magnificently. But at the same time always on the lookout.

As soon as the eagle locks its eyes on the target, there's no going back. It's what the eagle was created for. The time slows down and finally stops. It's show time!

When there's a special occasion, SGS Eagle will have unique and limited-edition back plates. Keep an eye out for these and they are collectibles.

316L Stainless Steel Case

Why have we chosen 316L stainless steel for SGS Eagle? Because there's no better material for the watch!

316L is often referred to as surgical grade stainless steel or marine grade stainless steel.

It has extra-low carbon content and is extremely resistant to corrosion. What's more, all of our watch cases are PVD coated giving them extra durability and resistance.

But most importantly, 316L is a good choice if you are sensitive or allergic to metals. Wear SGS Eagle knowing that we've thought about everything.

Now you know our story and what the features of SGS Eagle are. We hope that you've enjoyed this journey. If you have any questions or comments, you can always reach us and our team via email: hello@sgswatches.com

And if you want to become a proud owner of SGS Eagle, click the button below to browse our entire collection.